Real Men Shouldn’t Be Ashamed To Use Stretch Marks Cream

Many men believe that beauty products are made solely for women. They avoid using products like moisturizers, lotions or stretch mark removal cream because they think that it will emasculate them. After all, society’s picture of a perfect man is one that is effortlessly buff and toned.

But I think that it is important for men to use products like those, especially stretch mark creams. After all, they go through so much to get chiseled abs and muscular arms. Working out can cause stretch marks to form and to have nasty lines ruin all of that is a real shame! So in order for men to really look and be at their best, they should use those creams without shame!

Are Teen-Agers Allowed to Use Stretch Marks Cream?

Surprisingly you will see a lot of young adults already being victimized by stretch marks. These marks may have suddenly appeared due to a sudden weight loss or a sudden growth spurt that cause the excessive stretching of their skin.

Stretch mark cream are very effective in giving the afflicted person the instant relief from the itchiness of these scars and in diminishing the purple like appearance of  its initial manifestations. There are specially formulated creams that are safe to use on the skin of young people so that they can treat their stretch marks immediately before it gravitates to permanent scars.

Girlfriend Sayings

Here is the truth: girls love compliments. They are very emotionally sensitive and tend to be more affectingly sophisticated to words than guys.

They react like little girls whenever some part of their astounding attributes (especially physical) are noticed and loose control whenever it happens. They need a lot of attention to satisfy their emotional needs and giving compliments can one of the best ways to do so.

The following might be considered romantic things to say to your girlfriend, but at the same time can also be poetic, funny, Philosophical, silly, weird, etc, but I prefer saying that they are sweet.

Sweet things to say to your girlfriend:

1- You're so sweet. I might go diabetic
2- If I was superman, you will be my kryptonite
3- Thanks to you, I've fallen in love and I can't up
4- I wish I had glasses so I can see you with four eyes
5- You are my girlfriend because you're more than just a girl, you're my friend
6- A million dollars is nothing compared to the number hugs of I can give you

7- You are my best friend
8- Your voice is sweeter than honey
9- Our love is friendship, but set on fire
10- If it wasn't for you, there would be no me
11- To me, your smile is brighter than the sun
12- When I close my eyes at night the first thing I see is you
13- If I had a million words to say, they will all be I love you

14- Without you, a second is infinity and with you, infinity is a second
15- Your name is the drumstick that strikes the instrument of my heart
16- If my love for you was visible, it would not fit in the space of the universe
17- When you're away, I feel 50% empty, when you're with me I feel 101% complete
18- I think about you every second of every minute, 25 hours a day, 8 days a week of all the 13 months of the year and in the undefined infinity of all eternity

19- Without you am just simply blue
20- Your voice sounds better than all my favorite songs put together
21- If one plus one equals two, than me and you would equal a number that is new  
22- Tonight I have the right to hold you tight with all my might for the rest of my life
23- If you were to give me a kiss overload, I would faint because my chest would explode

The above quotes can also be considered nice things to say to your girlfriend because they are not rude, but polite and stay within the limits of respect. If she becomes your wife one day, she might remember these quotes with a pleasant memory. Unfortunately, we men have little consideration at times for the emotional needs of our partner and forget that women love to hear similar sayings once a while.

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