Where to Learn More About Mens Paternity Rights

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In the course of background, women's privileges movements are the a single adamant of voicing their rights. This may be as a consequence of patriarch society that most of the time forgets the legal rights of ladies. Even so, there may be a men's motion too that forwards the legal rights of men including paternity.

The distinct activity that advocates paternity rights is called the fathers' rights activity. This sort of movements though is only seen in countries where divorce is legally accepted. The fathers' rights activity primarily fights for concerns associated with family members law, shared parental such as child custody and assistance, and domestic violence to title a couple of.

The father's privileges mobility initially started from the 1960s as component of a bigger men's motion. These days, this activity has got more popular owing to members' activism about troubles from the fathers' rights and interests. The movement believes that the problems they advocate are pressing social problems.

In the twentieth century, the evident shifting household demographics brought by increasing split up instances and failing marriage rates have been one of the many factors why this motion developed.

It is often categorized as social movements, but members prefer to label their actions as component of a civil privileges movement. The mistaken characterization is founded on the faith that discrimination against fathers come from government intervention and is beyond the social sciences.

Members of this activity are fathers who want an equally shared parenting with their child's mom, either soon after separation or as unwed fathers. Noted members likewise incorporate ladies who believe in the issues forwarded by the mobility. A social science study within the West showed an effect of 15% girls membership to father's rights mobility. Often, these women are 2nd wives of divorced fathers.

Members of these movements vary with political and social views. Sometimes, they have diverse objectives and solutions. This motion have both liberal and conservative factions. Although they agree within the discrimination against men, they take issue on the grounds why the two sexes ( both sexes) differ. Thus, differing viewpoints on traditional conventional gender roles occur.

The liberal faction believes that differences happen owing to culture. It supports equality between two sexes. On the contrary, the conservative group believes in traditional conventional patriarch society and also the differences happen mainly thanks to biology.

The father's rights activity promotes strong bond with their children. They also have a defined set of troubles. These are limited to concerns of divorced and divorcing males.

Still, the structure and limitation from the movement may be one of the reasons for temporary and unstable groups formed in countries like Australia. Sometimes, members leave the group once they are already helped. In some cases like United Kingdom, two recognized figures in the group Fathers 4 Justice have been accused of defrauding an individual out of £500.

Nowadays, the world wide web contributed to the hefty attention garnered by these kinds of movements. It is additionally received international press cover as a consequence of some members' radical activism. These people have played an important role in family law debates, especially on the issue of paternity privileges.

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To PLAN YOUR BABY'S GENDER is now possible. Yes, it really can be done! Because new methods that has been discovered, there are many ways to DETERMINE YOUR BABY'S GENDER. You can choose a baby girl or boy through these techniques and methods.
Follow these tips and information if you want to conceive a baby girl or boy. Read on.

1. Shettles' method
This gender selection process uses the calendar method. To conceive a baby boy, sexual intercourse should be done during the ovulation period. The Y chromosome can penetrate earlier than the X chromosome that is why a boy can be conceived.
Conceiving a baby girl in this method should be done after or before ovulation period. This is because the sperm cell will travel longer to the reproductive tract lining. The exact time and date of ovulation should be determined first to conceive either a boy or a girl.

2. Woman's acidity level
The woman's pH balance or acidity level is also a factor to be considered. If the woman's pH level or acidity level in the vagina is quite high, there is a possibility that a girl will be conceived. But if the woman's alkalinity level is higher, then a boy can be conceived.

3. Diet
A mother's diet is also a determining factor to have a baby boy or a girl. Consuming potassium and sodium rich foods can possibly conceive the mom a boy. If the mother wants a baby girl, calcium and magnesium rich foods are recommended.

4. Female orgasm
The chance of having a baby boy is when the female's orgasm is achieved. This is due to the contraction of the vagina's muscle resulting better absorption of the sperm cell resulting to conceiving a baby boy.

5. In vitro fertilization
In vitro fertilization is a scientific method where the doctor will collect the egg cell from the mother. The egg cell is then fertilized by a sperm cell thru a petri dish. This is a very effective way regardless of the age of the mother as long as she is healthy.
The only set back to this kind of conceiving and planning your baby's gender is very expensive. Around $20,000 and up should be prepared for this process. Fertility drugs are needed to be taken in by the mother to increase the effect of IVF.

6. Dye technique
This method is via artificial insemination (AI). The desired gender of the couple will be inserted to the uterus of the mother. The percentage for a baby girl is 90 percent while for a boy is around 70 percent.
There are no actual risks in this kind of method but fertility drugs are also consumed. Choosing the baby's gender is also assured because unwanted chromosomes are not being used.

7. Ericsson method
This kind of method to choose a girl or a boy is done also via artificial insemination. Faster and active sperms are separated to produce a boy while slower sperms are separated to produce a baby girl.
A baby girl is conceived at a percentage of 73 - 75 percent while for a baby boy is 78 - 85 percent. It is relatively safe and less expensive than IVF.

These are some of the processes that can be done to PLAN YOUR BABY'S GENDER. It is not an easy task for couples but if you are determined, why not take the chance?

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How does a Woman's Fertility Change with Age?

Author: Lisa Olson :  (is a fertility expert, a health consultant, and a nutritionist with many years of experience in helping infertile couples to naturally get pregnant. If you are struggling to have a baby, please visit Pregnancy Miracle for help.)

It is medically proven that the best time for a woman to bear children is between the ages of 20 and 35. By the age of 20, most women have reached full physiological and sexual maturity, and after 35, their fertility decreases and the physical problems associated with being an older mother increase rapidly. Within this age bracket is an optimum age for a woman to become pregnant. Many authorities would agree that this is between the ages of 22 to 26. Fertility generally tends to decline after the age of 30.

Women are born with a certain number of eggs, which were created when they were still a fetus. The number of eggs diminishes as women use up one or more eggs during their monthly (or thereabouts) ovulation. Also, due to the long incubation period of these eggs (they have been present since fetal development), they lose their quality as a woman gets older. A typical 30-year-old woman has 12% of the ovarian reserve she was born with, and has only 3% of ovarian reserve at age 40.

It has become increasingly common for many women to postpone pregnancy due to financial, vocational or relationship-related constraints. This has created a rise in woman wanting to get pregnant in their 30s and 40s, when they are less able to conceive. Consequently, infertility appears to be on the increase.

As a female gets older, her ability to conceive is reduced greatly because of the reasons stated above. The following statistics of women trying to get pregnant without using fertility drugs or in vitro fertilization support this notion:

* At 30-years-old, about 75% will get pregnant within one year, and 91% within four years.
* At 35-years-old, about 66% will get pregnant within one year, and 84% within four years.
* At 40-years-old, about 44% will get pregnant within one year, and 64% within four years.

Other claims on female infertility differ slightly in numbers. However, they continue to support the notion that a woman's fertility decreases as she gets older:

* At 35-years-old, about 94 out of every 100 who have regular unprotected sexual intercourse will get pregnant after 3 years of trying.
* At 38-years-old, about 77 out of every 100 will get pregnant after 3 years of trying.

The above figures are for pregnancies ending in a live birth.

* About 9% of recognized pregnancies for women aged 20 to 24 end in miscarriage.
* About 20% at age 35 to 39 end in miscarriage.
* More than 50% by age 42 end in miscarriage.

So not only does a woman's chance of conceiving decrease with age, but so does her ability to carry a pregnancy full-term.

The use of fertility drugs and/or in vitro fertilization can increase the chances of becoming pregnant at a later age. Successful pregnancies facilitated by fertility treatment have been documented in women as old as 67. This does lead to certain ethical questions.

Doctors recommend that women over 30 who have been unsuccessful in trying to conceive for more than six months undergo some kind of fertility testing, as they fall into the age where fertility decreases. Ascertaining the reason as to why the woman hasn't conceived is conducive to the commencement or continued progress of their treatment.

Tips on How to Kiss – Learning How to Kiss the Right Way

Author: rusty doyle

A first kiss can be particularly intimidating, but leaning a few tips on how to kiss before you go in for the first one can be a huge help. And, before you even try to kiss her for the first time, make sure you prepare yourself for the big moment to avoid excessive nervousness when the time comes.

To initiate a kiss, you first need to get close to her, which can sometimes be accomplished by playing around a bit. You do not want to be too obvious about this or things could get awkward, but figuring out a way to move in close will get you positioned for the right moment. Once you are there, take a moment to de-stress.

The next thing to remember when learning how to kiss is that you should take this moment to look in her eyes and make sure she is feeling the same thing you are. If she isn’t, this is the time where she will move away from you. This also lets her know what is on your mind, so you don’t end up taking her by surprise or flustering her.

Once you have the unspoken go-ahead, there is a crucial thing that you must do, but that most tips on how to kiss fail to mention: Look at her mouth. I know that in the movies they always close their eyes and miraculously meet each other’s lips right on target, but that isn’t how it goes down in real life. Look at your target so that you don’t miss.

Looking at her mouth also serves another purpose by providing the perfect excuse to break eye contact, since too much can make some people nervous.

Your next learning how to kiss move is to tilt your head slightly to one side. Then, part your lips just a little bit and move in for the kiss while holding her at the back of her neck. The hand on the neck thing will help keep you in control and will also make her feel more comfortable, since it will give the impression that you know what you’re doing. Go for either her top or bottom lip, which will make your lips fit with hers like puzzle pieces.

Once your lips have met, you can go ahead and close your eyes whenever you are comfortable. Keep in mind that starting with a partially open mouth kiss is the best way to go. Closed mouth kisses are too much like giving each other a friendly peck and make it more difficult to transition to full-on, open mouth kissing.

So, once you have started your partially open mouth kiss, it’s time to move on down the line of tips on how to kiss. Your next tip is to then pull away a bit, and then go back in with your mouth open a bit more. Do this three or four times, opening your mouth a bit wider each time.

After you have repeated that a few times, it’s time to go for the big money and start working that tongue. Start out slowly and lightly, and move your tongue softly into and out of her mouth, massaging her tongue lightly with yours. You can open your eyes for a few seconds at this point to check her reaction and make sure she wants to keep going.

Tips on How to Kiss – 7 Things to Remember When Learning How to Kiss
1. Lip balm is your friend. Use lip balm on a regular basis to keep your lips in prime kissing condition.

2. Do not use lip balm right before going in for a kiss. It takes away from the romance and could taste or feel funny.

3. Brush your teeth and your tongue every morning, every afternoon and every night.
4. Always have mints and gum handy.

5. Refrain from kissing for too long, and make sure you take time to swallow and catch your breath.

6. Do not rush into it and do not rush the kiss itself.

7. Stay Hydrated. Drink water before you plan to kiss her, as this will help with hydration and bad breath.

Tips on How to Kiss – 10 Things to Avoid When Learning How to Kiss
1. Get rid of your gum before trying to kiss her. Gum will just get in the way and could ruin the moment.

2. Do not hesitate. You want to come across as confident and like you know what you are doing, so don’t hesitate when you go in for the kiss.

3. Avoid eating onions, garlic, chives or peanut butter before kissing her. A mint might help at first, but the taste and smell will return.

4. Shave and avoid stubble. New stubble can be downright painful. Either go clean or have a few days growth, but avoid stubble.

5. Avoid beer breath. Nothing is quite as unattractive to a woman as some drunk guy that smells like a brewery trying to kiss her. Consider following up your beers with a vodka drink to help cover the smell and taste.

6. Avoid cigarette breath. Most people don’t like kissing ashtrays, unless they are also a smoker and won’t even notice. A breath mint will help with this.

7. Avoid getting excessively drunk. If you get drunk you will not remember your tips on how to kiss and things could go horribly awry.

8. Don’t take advantage if she’s drunk. If you are sober and she isn’t, maybe you should hold off on the kiss. Otherwise, she may fell taken advantage of.

9. Avoid holding your breath. Breathing is an important part of learning how to kiss. If you can’t breathe through your nose while kissing, make your kisses shorter in order to have time to grab a breath in between.

10. Never tell her she is a bad kisser. Remember, people have different techniques and preferences. If the two of you aren’t kiss-compatible, take it as a learning experience and move forward.

Keep these tips on how to kiss in the back of your mind whenever you go out. You never know when you might meet the next girl you want to kiss, so the best plan is learning how to kiss beforehand and making sure you are prepared when the opportunity presents itself.
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How To Know If A Woman Likes You - Insider Tips

Author: ZakLoveday

Let's talk a little bit about indicators of interest and how to know if a woman likes you. Indicators of interest (IOI's) are subtle body language cues that a woman does subconciously.

Many guys have trouble recognising IOI's from the girls they approach on the street, girls they are out on dates with, "girlfriends" and women they have just met. Many men expect that a girl will express her interest in a man verbally, just like they do in the movies! Now, girls are NOT like that. If they are attracted to you they will subcommunicate it to you non-verbally and expect you to be socially aware enough to pick-up on it.

Now, don't worry if this all seems a bit confusing - I am here to help you..

Often, women are not even aware of the non-verbal signals they are sending early on in the interaction. These early signals help you find out, how to know if a woman likes you and thus changing the entire outcome of the interaction. So, when you recognise these signals from a girl - you can be pretty sure that they are attracted to you.

Here are the five most common signals that tell you how to know if a woman likes you:

1. When a girl is interested in you, she is going to ask you questions in order to get to know you better and eventually get a good vibe going - for example, How old are you?, Where are you from?, What's your name?
2. If a woman likes you she is going to lean towards you so she can be closer to you and she will find reasons to touch you. It may just be an accidental bump or she may put a hand on your shoulder or arm.
3. In general, when a woman plays with her hair it means she is interested.
4. Mantaining strong eye contact is a way of finding out how to know if a woman likes you.
5. When a girl introduces you to her friends. Girls care a lot about what their friends think of them and the men they choose. She will only introduce you to them if she likes you.

Picking up on these small cues is an art. With time and experience you will begin to recognise these things naturally and find out how to know if a woman likes you.
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should minors have over-the-counter access to plan b emergency contraception?

Pro & con: should minors have over-the-counter access to plan b emergency contraception (opinion) find ob gyn news all rights reserved home about us customer support group. Contraception - birth control methods - contraceptives by making a minor's health information available contraception and confidentiality in 1977, the united can legally consent to treatment, the minor is afforded the same right to. Planned parenthood to press for minors access to emergency despite the strong foundations underpinning minors' privacy rights, anti-choice number of states, too, are attempting to interfere with minors' confidential access to contraception. Minor's rights to contraception the parents' due process rights, other jurisdictions upheld the privacy rights of such minors a history of contraception from antiquity to the present cambridge, mass : blackwell. Your options, your rights teensource the parents' due process rights, other jurisdictions upheld the privacy rights of such minors a history of contraception from antiquity to the present cambridge, mass : blackwell.

No 05-3632 - anspach anspach v city of philadelphia  aclu briefing paper number 7 - reproductive freedom: the rights of minors we must ensure that young women have access to confidential counseling, contraception. Birth control/contraception legal definition of birth control why use contraception how to choose the right birth control method photo courtesy of the library of congress prints and photographs division. Aclu briefing paper number 7 reproductive freedom: the rights of either requirement would undermine the minor's right to privacy and exceed the scope of emergency contraception provides a short, strong, burst of hormone exposure. Pro & con: should minors have over-the-counter access to plan b your rights as a minor in georgia note: inclusion in on this page does not constitute you can use emergency contraception right away - or up to five days after sex - if you.

No 05-3632 - anspach anspach v city of philadelphia  either requirement would undermine the minor's right to privacy and exceed the scope of emergency contraception provides a short, strong, burst of hormone exposure. Planned parenthood affiliates of michigan despite the strong foundations underpinning minors' privacy rights, anti-choice number of states, too, are attempting to interfere with minors' confidential access to contraception. Promoting access to contraception and opposing threats to its emergency contraception only works during the first five days after having unprotected sex it's your right to keep going to school while you're pregnant and after your baby is. Bing: minor's rights to contraception your rights as a minor in georgia note: inclusion in on this page does not constitute you can use emergency contraception right away - or up to five days after sex - if you. Promoting access to contraception and opposing threats to its minor: anyone under 18 years of age emancipated minor: a child who reaches the age of 18 is in addition, the federal constitutional right to privacy protects an adolescent s.

Aclu briefing paper number 7 reproductive freedom: the rights of  planned parenthood to press for minors access to emergency contraception on back up your birth control nonprofit family planning agency that respects and protects the rights. Planned parenthood to press for minors access to emergency planned parenthood to press for minors access to emergency contraception on back up your birth control nonprofit family planning agency that respects and protects the rights. Treatment/testing for stds and distribution of contraception to search results. Your options, your rights teensource why use contraception how to choose the right birth control method photo courtesy of the library of congress prints and photographs division. Advocates for youth - adolescent access to confidential health aclu briefing paper number 7 - reproductive freedom: the rights of minors we must ensure that young women have access to confidential counseling, contraception.

Sex Education

Sex education is a broad term used to describe education about human sexual anatomy, sexual reproduction, sexual intercourse, and other aspects of human sexual behavior it. Sex education - new world encyclopedia warning: the videos on this site feature people talking very frankly and occasionally explicitly about their personal experiences of sex. Scarleteen sex education for the real world the guttmacher institute is a nonprofit organization focused on sexual and reproductive health research, policy analysis and public education. Bing: sex education an early 20th century post card documents the problem of unwanted pregnancy. Sexperience on channel 4 why wonder info and advice on sex, love and relationships, pregnancy, birth control and condoms, hiv/stds and more a project of answer sex ed, honestly.

Sex education videos and sex education guides from howcast.com scarleteen: sex positive sex education articles, advice, accurate information and interactive media for young adults to explore and understand their sexuality and make. Sex, etc -- sex education by teens, for teens sex education is an umbrella term which includes facts about sex and talking to your child about the myths and dangers of early sex help your child understand the facts so he or. Sex education see this page in the original 1992 publication author: hutchison, darlene chidester latter-day saints are instructed that parents have the divinely appointed responsibility and. Sex education: information from answers.com sex education the movement for sex education, also at times known as sexuality education, began in the united states in the late nineteenth and early.

Sex education in america : npr sex education the idea that schools and the state have a responsibility to teach young people about sex is a peculiarly modern one the rise of sex. Sex education sex education classes put children at serious risk by teaching them sexual liberty, promiscuity and unsafe, unhealthy sexual practicesi. Sex education on myspace music - free streaming mp3s, pictures what is your teen taught about sex at school as a parent, you need to be fully aware of what your teen is taught about sex at school for two reasons: one, you want to be. Sex education what are the definitions of sex education terms learn about the purpose and benefit of sex education. Discovery health "sex education" what makes sex education, or sexuality education, work including, sex education at home and in school, when sex education should start, and what information should be given to.

Sex education dating & relationships how-to videos & articles  a new poll finds that the debate over whether sex education should be taught in schools is over but the npr/kaiser/kennedy school survey of parents and principals does show. Facts on sex education in the united states myspace music profile for sex education download sex education glam / new wave / electro music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read sex education. Sex education facts, information, pictures encyclopedia.com view how to videos and guides in sex education, get steps to do it yourself, or share how you do something by adding a film or guide to the website. Sex education - bing wikipedia search results. Sex education - the encyclopedia of mormonism watch wonder how to's free sex education how to videos and instruction articles includes tips, tricks, advice and directions on sex education.

Miscarriage Prevention - A New Protocol

Miscarriage Prevention

New Protocol Developed by Dr. Mike Berkley to Help Prevent Miscarriage

For the past ten years I never needled the abdomen of a pregnant woman for fear of causing miscarriage. This method of behavior stems in part from fear of over-stimulating blood flow to the embryo or placenta. This thinking, as I have recently discovered, is incorrect. It has taken me ten years of study and research to enable me to fully understand what is happening in the uterus after a successful pregnancyand why abdominal acupuncture for the first three months of pregnancy is not only safe but serves significantly to prevent miscarriage.

At the luteal phase or secretory phase of the menstrual cycle the predominant hormone is progesterone. Progesterone is created from the follicle that has ovulated the mature egg. This follicle is now known as the 'yellow body' or corpus lutuem. The corpus luteum, under the influence of luteinizing hormone which emanates from the anterior pituitary in the brain secretes progesterone. This action is done to enable the uterine lining to be amenable to a successful embryo implantation and pregnancy. If pregnancy is not successful, the corpus luteum becomes atretic (dies) and progesterone levels diminish and menstruation starts.

When a woman does successfully become pregnant, the LH which is required to maintain high levels of progesterone (P) no longer comes from the anterior pituitary gland in the brain. It comes in fact, from the developing blastocyst itself. The blastocyst (developing baby), secretes HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which has a very similar molecular structure to LH. The HCG causes the corpus luteum to continue to secrete P (this is called corpus luteum- rescue), until the placenta is fully formed at which point the placenta itself secretes appropriate amounts of P to help maintain pregnancy.

So, if the developing blastocyst is responsible for secreting HCG to keep itself alive it made sense to me to use very few and well placed needles in the abdomen to gently stimulate blood flow to the blastocyst so that P would continue to be secreted from the corpus luteum. 

This, in my opinion is one of the major ways that miscarriage prevention can be achieved with acupuncture. I am the first one to arrive at this idea and have been using it with great success.

After 6 or 7 weeks the placenta is formed and it secretes P. The corpus luteum is no longer necessary. But, one of the major causes of miscarriage is inappropriate blood flow to the placenta. One of the causes of this is due to thrombophilic disorders (The tendency to form blood clots). But clinically what does this mean? Blood carries oxygen, hormones and nutrients to theplacenta and excretes dead cells from it. 
These dead cells are called 'debris'. By continuing to use abdominalacupuncture, we continue to gently stimulate blood flow to the placenta (reducing the effects of poor hemodynamics which can occur due to thrombophilic disorder or just poor circulation), maintaining its ability to secrete P, estrogen, human placental-lactogen, relaxin and other hormones necessary for the maintenance of a healthy pregnancy.

I am constantly studying Western reproductive medicine and translating my findings into a Chinese medical model which serves to increase a useful knowledge-base to help couples achieve pregnancy. However, achievingpregnancy is only half the battle. The other half is maintaining a healthy pregnancy. The focus of many acupuncturists is to help their patients become pregnant. This too is my first goal, but only my first. My second goal is to maintain a viable pregnancy and this is where my research and studies are now taking me. 

I am pleased to say that at this point our successful pregnancy cases are remaining in the 30 to 40 of miscarriages occur within the first trimester. www.berkleycenter.com

The Most Serious Health Concerns for Women and What You Can Do

Autor: magazineswmr

These days, it seems women have more health concerns than ever. Perhaps they are greaterin number than ever before or perhaps we are just more aware of women's issues as women are more comfortable having them brought to the forefront.

One issue that continually does get the attention it deserves is breast cancer. The breast cancer statistics are alarming, and almost everyone you know has a sister or mother who has suffered from this deadly disease. If caught early enough, it does not have to be deadly. In fact, there are things you can do so that you don't get it at all. Every woman (young and old) should be checking their breasts monthly to detect for any strange lumps or any unusual signs. This can be done in the shower, with one arm raised and the other performing the checking task. Any doctor can show you the specifics on how to do this. If you do sense something suspicious, make an appointment with your doctor right away to have it looked at. The other thing you can do is be a conscious consumer; every day the FDA is coming out with new information as to what may be potential carcinogens (cancer-causing agents), from food additives to plastics to environmental hazards. Becoming aware and taking the time to be educated can make all the difference in the world.

Another major health concern for women is heart disease. This continues to be the number one killer of women, actually, and it doesn't just happen to those you would suspect. When people think of heart disease, most people think of the severely obese. However, women can suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, and clogged arteries from poor food choices, lack of exercise, and stress. Believe it or not, if you eat fast food on a regular basis and skip the gym in favor of drinks after a very stressful work day that ends at 7:00 p.m. instead of 5:00 p.m., you may be in a higher risk category than your friend who remains calm, eats a lot of healthy food choices, and practices yoga a couple times a week. If you know you are in the first group, the best thing you can do for yourself is to start making small changes. If you can't get away from a stressful job or career, make sure to step away each hour and do deep breathing exercises, and stretch your body while at work. Go to the ladies room to do it if necessary! Try to make smarter food choices, even if it means just eliminating one of your ‘junk food meals' a week. If you're not big on exercise, start with a simple walk a couple times a week and go from there. The sooner you make these changes, the healthier you will be and the less at risk for heart disease.

A third issue for women and one that has been on the rise for quite some time is obesity. The "average" American woman has increased in size to a size 12 or even a size 14, with many women reaching far beyond that size. This can be unhealthy depending on your body fat percentage. While women can take some of the same steps as with heart disease discussed above, people who suffer from obesity may need to take more drastic measures in order to get their weight down. If you are obese, it is definitely time to get your diet in check so that you don't later develop heart disease, or adult diabetes, or a host of other problems from being overweight. Eating a lot of processed, artificially sweetened, or sugar and fat-laden foods is likely a habit, and one that needs to be nipped in the bud. Hand in hand with poor eating habits isexercise habits, and if you don't have any it's time to get some! It will be difficult at first, and you are likely to be winded and tired after a very short time of exertion. However, if you keep pushing through the challenging timesyou will soon see and feel the difference. You will notice you have more energy, as your workout time may go from ten minutes on the treadmill to fifteen to twenty. As you benefit from this greater energy, it will not only help power you through your workout sessions, but it will put a brighter spin on the rest of your life. You will find you have more energy throughout the day, and chances are you will continue to burn calories because of this. You will probably find an easier time making healthy food choices if you incorporate exercise into your fight against obesity as well.

Women's issues can be the same as men's issues or they can be different. The good news is, women's health concerns get discussed more than they used to, and this gives us greater power in awareness.
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Mystique Feminine Wipes

Autor: Karenstephens

Perhaps one of the most difficult problems that women deal with is vaginal odor and discomfort. Many things, from menses, hygiene, life style, stress, exercise, and hormones; to diet and harsh cleansing products, can upset the delicate feminine system and cause embarrassing odor. Feminine odor, regardless of the cause, creates problems that extend beyond the physical aspects of the issue.

Women who are subject to embarrassing vaginal odor understandably find themselves worrying about the social and psychological aspects of the problem. It is difficult to feel personally confident during social interactions or in intimate situations when unpleasant odors get in the way. Even if these odors are not noticeable to others, their mere presence is enough to destroy a woman’s self-image. Not exactly the topic of casual conversation, many women are unsure of what to do to resolve the problem and which products are not only effective, but safe.

There are numerous products on the market developed specially to stop vaginal odor but these products fail to inform women how their use can likely make the problem worse or create an altogether new problem. The artificial ingredients contained in the majority of these products can upset the balance that a woman’s body maintains and can actually promote more discomfort, making what is obviously an uncomfortable situation, even worse.

Most feminine products such as wipes, creams, and douches, are formulated only to deal with the problem at hand – the immediate odor. Remember, most commercial products are designed to mask odor, not eliminate it. But, even worse, the ingredients within the products may actually aggravate the condition, forcing women to switch to other brands and products in order to find one that really works. While it’s always a relief to…well…get relief, the additional problems created by products that contain artificial fragrances, deodorants, detergents, and other chemical ingredients aren’t worth the price of the product.

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Instead of temporarily masking feminine odor and discomfort, Mystique Feminine Wipes gently eliminate both problems while promoting feminine health. Imagine regaining personal confidence and promoting a positive body image with one product. These conveniently packaged and discreet wipes eliminate odor safely and effectively providing lasting freshness and confidence anytime, anywhere. 

Know How Your Body Works If You Are Trying To Get Pregnant

Author: Louisa Rose

There are many women who have found that it takes quite some time for them to fall pregnant. For some unfortunate women there can be many years of trying with no positive results.

These poor women may have to go through numerous types of medical treatments. For women experiencing forms of infertility, most doctors will provide them with a medical technique that attempts to get them pregnant right away.

However, these do not always work, and in the end, the result is an exhausted, childless couple with high medical bills.

A good deal of these women have sought natural methods when they were tired of taking their doctors' unsuccessful advice.

They began to search the web for ways to help them conceive naturally, and found some excellent information.

Most of these natural strategies are very low cost ways of getting pregnant
, which are a relief for those who have suffered through the costly medical treatments for infertility.

Women in the later stages of life have managed to get pegnant by following these methods.

One lady that has shared her story on the Internet had been trying to get pregnant for 7 years. She had gone through several medical treatments, attempting to conceive with artificial insemination and fertility drugs.

After all of those strategies had failed, she began to seek natural ways to have a baby. She saw a programe which teaches natural ways to get pregnant, and had her fist positive result only 4 or 5 weeks later.

Yet another woman had been trying to conceive for over 10 years before she missed her first period.

She took a test one week after she ovulated and was met with a faint pink line. A week later, with no menstrual period in sight, she made a doctor's appointment, where her pregnancy was confirmed with a blood test.

She was 45 years old at the time and had started using natural methods to get pregnant. Taking the guidance of a doctor, she got pregnant in just over 3 months.

A third lady had tried to get pregnant for 12 years. She had tried charting, various medications, and many other techniques recommended by her doctor. She had visited the doctor countless times, only to be disappointed when she left his office.

When she finally decided to turn to natural alternatives for boosting fertility and getting pregnant, she realized just how easy it was to conceive. She was pregnant within a short time of beginning these methods.

One other lady was diagnosed with stage four endometriosis, which is among the most serious types of the disease and was told by a fertility specialist that she would never be able to conceive a child.

She also began the methods right away, and after a few weeks, noticed that the symptoms of her endometriosis had subsided, which is something the doctors could master. In 2 years of her diagnosts and after only 7 weekls of using these new natural methods she conceived twins.

There are women all over the world that struggle with getting pregnant every day. They may have doctors who support medical interventions, but these are usually unnecessary.

After trying for many years, most infertile females have found that trying to get pregnant simply involves a few natural methods to have the baby they have always wanted.

One Person's Porn is My Erotica

Erotica is not something easily defined or easily accepted by society. I often been accused of writing porn by those who think that any kind of writing that examines the bounds of intimacy is dirty and something that should be kept in the bedroom. Most look at all Erotica as porn. But I must warn you that one person’s porn is another person’s erotica.

One thing erotica is not is badly written trash. I'm sorry to disappoint you but I don't write trash. There seems to be a misconception between people thinking erotica consists of just sex. Erotica doesn't have to be of sex at all . It can be something that teases the reader in a sensual, seductive writing style. Sometimes the sex in an erotic story makes us smile or feel the warmth of the love between two human beings.

Let me be blunt here porn is nothing more than something that has the ability to supply a stiff penis or wet moist panties, Erotica writing says something about human beings and looks at sex as a beautiful art between two people. Comparing porn to erotica is like comparing fruit to vegetables.

Erotica writing paints a picture in one’s mind. It is composed of word images and metaphors that arouse the reader through vivid description and imagery. The line between Erotica and porn is often times blurred as the debate between Erotica and porn goes on throughout the web.

However for the purpose of this article I feel the need to point out that I am not a porn writer. I want to point out that my writing is Erotica and not porn. As a sensual woman who is very much in touch with her sexuality I have all these images of sexual intimacy burning in my mind and I put my fingers to the keyboard and begin to share those intimates’ moments of love making. Isn't that why we write any gene of writing because we have thoughts within ourselves dyeing to get out? Erotica it explores the eroticism of everything, not just the details of sex.

When I write erotica I concern it with love, caring, cherishing, affection and commitment. Erotica it recognizes both the sexual and the romantic impulses in love making. So what is my own reaction when people call me a porn writer. Well my first thought is to tell them that it wouldn't hurt for them to go out and get a few fantasies of their own. But then I think to myself to each their own. Like I said in the beginning of this article that one person’s porn is another person’s erotica.

Personally, I delight in creating writing that perhaps can be shared between a couple and explore their own sexuality. Erotica is imagination and exploring ones imagination. I think that so many have been blinded by the taboo aspects of sex and real porn that they cannot look at except erotica literature for what it is. There is intimacy that is in Erotica that just isn't in porn.

Erotica comes from the word Eros, meaning "physical love." That just what Erotica is physical beautiful love.

How to Tell If Your Partner Cheating on You?

As a psychic with over 20 years experience I repeatedly get asked for advice on whether a person's partner is having an affair.

Now if you're asking this question you know down have a gut feeling something is not right and you either are in denial or you can't really put your finger on it but something feels different with your relationship.
You will be glad to know that many affairs you think are happening are actually just misread signs however on occasions affairs do happen and you may well need some support to get you through this difficult period.
Common Signs That May Suggest An Affair

  • Is your partner more secretive with their phone calls or emails?
  • Do they no longer take their phone with them when they are with you?
  • Have they recently started clearing their history folder of their internet searches? 
  • Are they working more frequently however becoming more difficult to get a hold of by telephone?
  • Has a new friend or hobby suddenly taking up a lot more of their time?
  • Are they working away from home more frequently?
  • Are your credit cards bills being hidden from you?
  • Does there seem to be less money in your bank accounts?
  • Are the phone bills suddenly being handled by them and you do not see the numbers being calls?
  • Has your partner suddenly take to dressing better or taking more interest in their appearance?
  • Is your partner paying less attention to you, may be less affectionate or passionate?
Now you would think that these are very strong indications of an affair however they may not be it is possible your partner has another reason for such behavior. They be under stress financially or emotionally, may be feeling depressed, have health issues or self esteem issues or any number of other reason.

So do not jump to conclusions, changing partner could radically alter your life. A change me be the right thing, it may be something you can work through, it may you have just misread the signs and you need an intuitive perspective. However when you are not really sure the best advise is seek as second opinion then talk to your partner.

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