Wrinkle Cream

A Bad Choice of Wrinkle Cream

I am beyond my teenage years. I am 26 years old. I started using cosmetics when I was 14.As a result, I had wrinkles on my forehead. I tried almost every home remedies I found on the internet or recommended by friends and relatives. I once surfed the net and there was this wrinkle cream that promises 7 minutes of INSTANT wrinkle free skin. I was surprised but extremely curious so I placed an order and I got my cream after a week. At first use, I felt it was really good but my skin feels a bit dry. I ignored the dryness and still continued with the use. I was surprised that my skin started peeling and I felt stinging sensations. OH my! I rushed to my derma and she told me I had allergies because of the cream.
"I felt like a dalmatian"
I felt like a dalmatian with red spots all over my face. It was embarassing. It turned out that the cream contained some kind of petroleum jelly that triggered my allergies. I was so dissapointed. The spots were treated but my phobia for wrinkle cream still remains. Such a pity that it left a bad Anti Aging Wrinkle Cream Experience in my life.

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