Use Stretch Mark Creams as a Practical Way of Eliminating Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are scars that can form many times during a person’s life. During adolescence when a person undergoes a growth spurt, the skin on various parts of the body may be stretched to its limit thus resulting in the formation of stretch marks. Another event that can easily result in the formation of stretch marks is pregnancy.

Stretch marks will form on the skin when the skin is forced to stretch as the body grows in size. If the growth of the skin cannot match the growth of the body, the skin will stretch to accommodate the increase in size. If this increase in size is too large for the skin, the dermal layer of the skin can break resulting in small wounds in this layer.

Similar to all irregular wounds that form on the skin, these small tears will eventually heal but form visible scars on the surface of the skin. The only difference is that they are found in the deeper layers of the skin which means regular scar removal methods may not be as effective in reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

One of the easier ways of reducing the appearance of these ugly scars on the skin is by using stretch mark creams. Unlike regular scar removal creams that can usually reduce the appearance of surface scars by exfoliation, these stretch mark creams will work by lightening the appearance of stretch marks.

Lightening the appearance of stretch marks is a good way to reduce their appearance and make them of a similar color to that of your normal skin. Doing this will make them almost invisible and you would have to look at the scars closely to see that they are there. These creams can also stimulate cell regeneration to help speed up the replacement of scar tissue by new skin cells.

Another effect of stretch marks is to increase the elasticity of the skin which will allow it to resist tearing even when stretched. This is helpful especially during pregnancy when you expect to form stretch marks. Applying this cream on the belly, hips and thighs can greatly reduce the risk of forming these scars.

One thing that stretch mark creams cannot do is to get rid of these scars completely. This is because they are found deep under the skin and cannot be eliminated by creams alone. If you want to completely eliminate stretch marks, you will need to undergo more specialized procedures such as microdermabrasion or laser treatments to eliminate them from your skin.

Stretch marks are scars that are harder to eliminate than regular scars since they form on the deeper layer of the skin. The easiest and most practical way to make them less visible is through the use of stretch mark creams. But if you really want to eliminate them from your skin, you can undergo laser treatments or microdermabrasion to get rid of them completely.

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