Improve Your Skin with Stretch Mark Creams and Other Methods

Stretch marks are special types of scars that are not only ugly to look at, but also very hard to hide. This is because they are usually many and large which limits you to the types of clothes that you can wear. Compare this to regular scars which are usually small and can be easily hidden.

First how do stretch marks form? These scars form when the body grows too fast and the skin is not able to cope with this increase in size. One example when this may happen is during puberty when the body grows in height too quickly. When the skin is not able to compensate fast enough, it will be forced to stretch and may tear thus causing stretch marks to form.

Aside from puberty, another popular time when stretch marks may form is during pregnancy. Aside from the obvious fact that the body will grow in size as the baby grows, hormonal changes in the body can also contribute to the increased risk of forming stretch marks. Hormonal changes can impair the repair system of the body which may lead to formation of scars.

In order to prevent the skin from tearing, one way that you can do is to increase the elasticity of the skin with the help of stretch mark creams. These creams can increase the skin’s collagen and elastin production which will directly result in a greater support system for the skin so that it will not tear easily even when stretched to its limit.

Aside from just making the skin more elastic, stretch mark creams can also help reduce the appearance of existing marks. This works mainly by lightening the appearance of stretch marks so that it becomes of a similar shade to your normal skin tone. This makes them less visible to the naked eye unless closely inspected.

Other ways of how stretch marks can be reduced is by undergoing procedures such as microdermabasion or laser treatments. These are expensive but effective ways of eliminating scars and stretch marks from the skin as they involve physically removing the scar tissue from the skin so that it may regenerate and replace the scar with normal skin.

Lastly, another method that is not popularly used by still tried by some people is by massaging the scar. This works by breaking down the scar tissue in to smaller pieces so that it does not form into a large and very noticeable scar in the future.

Stretch marks are scars that are very annoying not only because they are large and very hard to hide, but they are also very hard to eliminate from the skin. Some options that you can try are by using stretch mark creams, microdermabrasion, laser treatments or even massaging the affected area to reduce the appearance of these scars.

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