Ready Stretch Marks Home Remedies

Being a woman, we all want flawless skin and having stretch marks is a NO NO! There are over a thousand of creams in the market that promises immediate result but then do they have result? Is it worth your money? There are simple remedies at home that we may try before splurging into store based treatments.

There are several treatments in the web that you may encounter but I have made a few tweaks for my own recipes. I hope this helps you to conserve money at a more effective way.

Aloe Virgin Oil = this is my own concoction of extra virgin oliveoil and aloe vera gel. Mixed with 6 capsule of Vitamin E and Vitamin A supplements. Mixing them in a dark jar and placed in a refrigerator for over 2 days then you can start using them. Although some uses them immediately, but I prefer storing them so that the ingredients can blend well. Apply the oil all over the skin where the marks appear.

Cocoa Beeswax = Mixing half cup of cocoa butter with wheat germ oil, apricot kernel oil, vitamin E with 2 teaspoon of grated beeswax. Mix them together till you get the oil consistency you want. Be aware if you have allergies to bee venom and bee products then you should avoid this remedy.

There are also factors to consider in getting rid of stretch marks like healthy diet, keeping your stress level low, regular stretching exercise to keep the skin firm and well toned. The above mentioned home remedies are quite effective if done repeatedly. You just have to remember that stretch mark treatment results takes time and is gradual in its result. Keep me posted for any improvement.

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