How To Know If A Woman Likes You - Insider Tips

Author: ZakLoveday

Let's talk a little bit about indicators of interest and how to know if a woman likes you. Indicators of interest (IOI's) are subtle body language cues that a woman does subconciously.

Many guys have trouble recognising IOI's from the girls they approach on the street, girls they are out on dates with, "girlfriends" and women they have just met. Many men expect that a girl will express her interest in a man verbally, just like they do in the movies! Now, girls are NOT like that. If they are attracted to you they will subcommunicate it to you non-verbally and expect you to be socially aware enough to pick-up on it.

Now, don't worry if this all seems a bit confusing - I am here to help you..

Often, women are not even aware of the non-verbal signals they are sending early on in the interaction. These early signals help you find out, how to know if a woman likes you and thus changing the entire outcome of the interaction. So, when you recognise these signals from a girl - you can be pretty sure that they are attracted to you.

Here are the five most common signals that tell you how to know if a woman likes you:

1. When a girl is interested in you, she is going to ask you questions in order to get to know you better and eventually get a good vibe going - for example, How old are you?, Where are you from?, What's your name?
2. If a woman likes you she is going to lean towards you so she can be closer to you and she will find reasons to touch you. It may just be an accidental bump or she may put a hand on your shoulder or arm.
3. In general, when a woman plays with her hair it means she is interested.
4. Mantaining strong eye contact is a way of finding out how to know if a woman likes you.
5. When a girl introduces you to her friends. Girls care a lot about what their friends think of them and the men they choose. She will only introduce you to them if she likes you.

Picking up on these small cues is an art. With time and experience you will begin to recognise these things naturally and find out how to know if a woman likes you.

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