Tips on How to Kiss – Learning How to Kiss the Right Way

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A first kiss can be particularly intimidating, but leaning a few tips on how to kiss before you go in for the first one can be a huge help. And, before you even try to kiss her for the first time, make sure you prepare yourself for the big moment to avoid excessive nervousness when the time comes.

To initiate a kiss, you first need to get close to her, which can sometimes be accomplished by playing around a bit. You do not want to be too obvious about this or things could get awkward, but figuring out a way to move in close will get you positioned for the right moment. Once you are there, take a moment to de-stress.

The next thing to remember when learning how to kiss is that you should take this moment to look in her eyes and make sure she is feeling the same thing you are. If she isn’t, this is the time where she will move away from you. This also lets her know what is on your mind, so you don’t end up taking her by surprise or flustering her.

Once you have the unspoken go-ahead, there is a crucial thing that you must do, but that most tips on how to kiss fail to mention: Look at her mouth. I know that in the movies they always close their eyes and miraculously meet each other’s lips right on target, but that isn’t how it goes down in real life. Look at your target so that you don’t miss.

Looking at her mouth also serves another purpose by providing the perfect excuse to break eye contact, since too much can make some people nervous.

Your next learning how to kiss move is to tilt your head slightly to one side. Then, part your lips just a little bit and move in for the kiss while holding her at the back of her neck. The hand on the neck thing will help keep you in control and will also make her feel more comfortable, since it will give the impression that you know what you’re doing. Go for either her top or bottom lip, which will make your lips fit with hers like puzzle pieces.

Once your lips have met, you can go ahead and close your eyes whenever you are comfortable. Keep in mind that starting with a partially open mouth kiss is the best way to go. Closed mouth kisses are too much like giving each other a friendly peck and make it more difficult to transition to full-on, open mouth kissing.

So, once you have started your partially open mouth kiss, it’s time to move on down the line of tips on how to kiss. Your next tip is to then pull away a bit, and then go back in with your mouth open a bit more. Do this three or four times, opening your mouth a bit wider each time.

After you have repeated that a few times, it’s time to go for the big money and start working that tongue. Start out slowly and lightly, and move your tongue softly into and out of her mouth, massaging her tongue lightly with yours. You can open your eyes for a few seconds at this point to check her reaction and make sure she wants to keep going.

Tips on How to Kiss – 7 Things to Remember When Learning How to Kiss
1. Lip balm is your friend. Use lip balm on a regular basis to keep your lips in prime kissing condition.

2. Do not use lip balm right before going in for a kiss. It takes away from the romance and could taste or feel funny.

3. Brush your teeth and your tongue every morning, every afternoon and every night.
4. Always have mints and gum handy.

5. Refrain from kissing for too long, and make sure you take time to swallow and catch your breath.

6. Do not rush into it and do not rush the kiss itself.

7. Stay Hydrated. Drink water before you plan to kiss her, as this will help with hydration and bad breath.

Tips on How to Kiss – 10 Things to Avoid When Learning How to Kiss
1. Get rid of your gum before trying to kiss her. Gum will just get in the way and could ruin the moment.

2. Do not hesitate. You want to come across as confident and like you know what you are doing, so don’t hesitate when you go in for the kiss.

3. Avoid eating onions, garlic, chives or peanut butter before kissing her. A mint might help at first, but the taste and smell will return.

4. Shave and avoid stubble. New stubble can be downright painful. Either go clean or have a few days growth, but avoid stubble.

5. Avoid beer breath. Nothing is quite as unattractive to a woman as some drunk guy that smells like a brewery trying to kiss her. Consider following up your beers with a vodka drink to help cover the smell and taste.

6. Avoid cigarette breath. Most people don’t like kissing ashtrays, unless they are also a smoker and won’t even notice. A breath mint will help with this.

7. Avoid getting excessively drunk. If you get drunk you will not remember your tips on how to kiss and things could go horribly awry.

8. Don’t take advantage if she’s drunk. If you are sober and she isn’t, maybe you should hold off on the kiss. Otherwise, she may fell taken advantage of.

9. Avoid holding your breath. Breathing is an important part of learning how to kiss. If you can’t breathe through your nose while kissing, make your kisses shorter in order to have time to grab a breath in between.

10. Never tell her she is a bad kisser. Remember, people have different techniques and preferences. If the two of you aren’t kiss-compatible, take it as a learning experience and move forward.

Keep these tips on how to kiss in the back of your mind whenever you go out. You never know when you might meet the next girl you want to kiss, so the best plan is learning how to kiss beforehand and making sure you are prepared when the opportunity presents itself.

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  1. Avoid eating onions, garlic, chives or peanut butter before kissing her. A mint might help at first, but the taste and smell will return.LOL hehheeh


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