Ingredients that Make a Good Stretch Marks Cream

There are many stretch marks cream in the market and it becomes confusing when choosing the correct one. To help you decide, here are some ingredients that make a good cream for your stretch marks. These include aloe vera, cocoa butter, vitamins, shea butter, and retinyl. Aloe vera is primarily good for healing since it is a good moisturizer. Cocoa butter stretch marks has been used for centuries because of its softening property. On the other hand, shea butter is used to make the skin more elastic. Vitamins E, D and C are all needed because they are needed in the production of collagen and elastin. Lastly, retinyl stimulates cellular growth.

Keep these in mind next time you look for the ingredients of the cream you are going to buy.

Vitamin E in your Stretch Marks Cream

Vitamin E has long been proven to be very good for the body especially for the skin. It is one of the most essential elements necessary for skin regeneration and growth. As such, it has been a key ingredient in many stretch mark removal cream in the market. 

Products with vitamin E is very effective in preventing the appearance of scars such as stretch marks and can even reverse the process of scar formation. Aside from this, vitamin E can also help improve skin circulation and thus improves skin tone and color. It also helps in the formation of collagen which is very important for firm and elastic skin. Thus, it is highly recommended to use a cream or lotion that contains vitamin E.     

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